Chuville™ Jersey


Chuville™ Jersey

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Game time can come in many different flavors. At Viktos® we prefer the ones that taste like cheap beer and smell like gasoline victory. The Chuville™ jersey is the perfect uniform for such critical matches. A fully vented mesh chassis is always ready for action, and the generous cut provides frisbee golf levels of mobility. Best of all, this jersey absolutely never takes a knee.

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See our size guide to help you select an initial fit, then reference the above RECOMMENDED SIZING bar graph to fine-tune your size selection. This graph is based on sizing reviews from previous customers. If the bar graph indicates FITS LARGE, order one full size smaller than usual for an accurate fit. If the bar graph shows FITS SMALL, then order one full size larger. If the bar graph is in-between steps, then order based on personal fit preference.

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