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Some commutes are tedious, some are long, and some are down-right deadly. Getting stuck in a little Syrian bumper to bumper is never good, but with the right training, everybody gets to go home at the end of the day. The Carjacked scenario simulates an ambush while in a vehicle. “Contact!” is called from the instructor and the drill begins.

Car Jacked

Rounds are poured through the windshield, aiming for the same initial bullet hole to reduce deflections. Gunvents on the Contractor AF Jacket are quickly sprung open allowed for easy access to sidearms from the seated position.

Shoot callout

The immediate frontal threat taken care of, Starsky and Hutch move to the rear of their vehicle for their long guns. (Guns are positioned outside the vehicle during training as the donor cars usually come without keys). Still in the kill zone, suppressive fire is laid down while they overbound to more robust fighting positions.

Car Jacked

Every move practiced and considered, they utilize hard points of the vehicle such as engine blocks and axles to provide enhanced cover. The drum-dyed leather skin of the Actual Jacket provides its own enhanced cover from flying glass and debris.

Car Jacked

With the ability to hold up to four 30rd magazines in its pockets, the Contractor AF Pants provide enough armarment to repel the attempted ambush. Combine this mobile armory with a selective application of decisive violence and everyone is home in time for dinner. (Except for the bad guys who are dead.)


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