High Country

There are still vast swaths of America where a short jaunt to the outskirts of town remind a man his inalienable rights. This is where flat ranges meet high country and the red-dots whistle purple mountain majesty.

Train like you live, in this case, a post-work session replete with our favorite battle dress casual outfit; shorts, sneakers, & shades. The evening sun radiates off the range as we prep for a bit of the old dip, duck, & dodge. The heat build-up from the plate carriers is counteracted by the blended linen chassis of our Shemagh shirt. Just because you're blowing shit up doesn't mean you can't look dashing.

Reacting to the theoretical contact, we buddy-bound forward to close the distance. Fire & movement techniques are drilled and re-drilled until they become second nature. Chugging through multiple magazines, the LEO Vented Duty Gloves offer a welcome respite for harsh picatinny rails.

While plate carriers are nice, contingencies are better. The Johnny Combat short features four internal AR mag sleeves should you be caught downrange without your armored kit. Additionally, it's stretch cotton chassis and six zippered pockets keep all your favorite things close at hand.


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