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The pre-dawn wind rattled across the pockmarked white field. Fierce, but quiet, in the way that only heavy snow pack can muster. It had come down thick and unrelenting for what seemed like days. The city grid, unprepared as it was, shut down within the first hour. Grocery stores were stripped bare; mangled vehicles littered the surface arteries. Another small example of how little it takes to bring modern society to an abrupt halt. For our part, the mid-winter blizzard afforded a much different opportunity.

WINTERLOCHEN PMS 11-0601 We call it Winterlochen. A shade of white, color cast for blending into back country snow fields, or standing out in the urban grid.

Shoot callout

It had been a long time since we had been granted the particular youthful freedom of a ‘snow day’. With our planned schedule of business meetings scrapped, the day, or at least the early morning, opened up to a multitude of child like possibilities. Long gone were our days of snowball fights and fort building, but there was still our innate need to make the most of the unexpected arctic blast. Pulling on the 3L Team Shell over a Zerodark insulating layer, we headed out to the urban growth boundary.

Snow Day

It wasn’t going to be a long ruck, just a morning hike into the undeveloped bush; a brief respite from the chaos of snowbound sheep. Setting up a handful of clay pigeons downrange, we drew in the slightly awkward bullpup stock and uncorked the first of the KSG’s twelve round capacity. With the Salvo can reducing the shotguns report to a healthy chug, it was over as quickly as it started. Action cycled, pottery shattered, and a satisfied grin achieved. With a quick pull of amber anti-freeze, we commenced the exfil operation.

Snow Day

By now the sun was just breaking cover and soon society would catch on to our snow day dalliance. Twelve rounds over two hours may not seem like much, but reawaking the kid inside was well worth the hike.

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