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Upriver Boonie Hat


Upriver Boonie Hat

$49   $32


Sometimes you find yourself 75 klicks above the Do Lung bridge, neck deep in the black water suck of the Nung river. To help combat those long nights of chaos and psychedelics, we created the Upriver Boonie hat. It features a laser-perforated Multicam chassis, allowing maximum ventilation in the densest triple-canopy or most crowded Flora-Bama bar. Interior pockets store foam earplugs for noise mitigation, and the adjustable chin strap keeps the Upriver/Operator connection tight as Dick's hatband. 

-MultiCam® NyCo chassis
-Laser perforated venting
-Adjustable chin strap
-Interior ear plug storage pockets
-U.S. veteran designed & developed
-1-year workmanship & materials warranty

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