We had driven west for sixty minutes, deep into the BLM timber ring that surrounds Portland's left flank. The firebreaks and deadfalls quickly replacing the gridlock and loony politics of our once-frontier city. FN and Leupold had dropped off a bunch of kit and asked us to make the Pacific Northwest great again. Who were we to decline?

As the last days of summer give way to Autumns rain, we took it upon ourselves to ring in the season's change. The FN SCAR 17's 7.62x51mm and Leupold Mark 5 made punching steel damn near effortless.

Given the late-September heat, dressing down for the open-air range was in order. The mesh of PTXF Core shoes let all the little piggies breathe, while the Kadre short's 4-way stretch chassis accommodated for high knees while still holding plenty of frontiersman EDC.

Transitioning from SCAR to the 509, and finishing with a healthy dose of SAW; the fun-gunning of one last short-sleeved hoorah as autumn quickly approached. Pure, fun, American.


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