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Comprised of select individuals from across all the branches, the VIKTOS TEAM is a black gun dedicated cadre. With decades of real-world experience in every major combat zone, we use this collective knowledge to develop the VIKTOS product line.  In turn, our team goes all out to punish and critique each successive round of designs. The end goal is to create the ultimate gear for your daily gunfight.

DAN BROKOS is a retired Army Sergeant Major with decades of Special Forces experience through multiple deployments to every significant hotspot over those years. That hard-earned knowledge has been passed down to the next generation of SOF during Dan's multiple stints as a lead instructor of the Army Green Beret school. Dan currently operates his own tactical training and gear company, LEAD FAUCET TACTICAL.

BEN ‘MOOKIE’ THOMAS is a former Navy SEAL, having served with ST-1 during the mid-nineties. After leaving the service, he spent over a decade working as DOD security contractor. In between contracting deployments, he began working in Hollywood as a technical advisor, stuntman, and actor. He currently works as a Brand Manager within the firearms industry and heads his own MOOKIE MILITIA brand.

DREW ESTELL is an Army Special Forces veteran who specialized in Military Free Fall Operations. He's completed numerous deployments to the Middle East conducting direct action missions, training foreign special operations forces, and conducting human intelligence gathering. He is currently a competitive three gun shooter and owner of BAER SOLUTIONS.

TODD FULTON is a retired USCG Command Master Chief with decades of maritime special operations experience. Cutting his teeth as an infantry/boat company Marine, he transfered to the Coast Guard where he served as gunboat driver/instructor. HIs service record runs the gamut from humanitarian missions in Haiti to Combat operations throughout the Gulf.

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