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The rapid cracks from the short barrelled AR were quickly absorbed by the heavy wet foliage. Living in the Pacific Northwest one becomes used to the constant damp. It grows on a depressing fungus. But on days like this, the rain had its advantages - namely shushing the litany of reports as we run’d & gun’d across our deep canopy live fire drill.

Shoot callout

The steel targets had been randomly placed earlier that day. Lying in wait, they hid from the shooter as he traversed the open air range. Our version of 'Gunplay' was a sporting clay'ish event, but with penalties assessed for every missed target. Speed counted, but so did a keen eye and a choice weapon. Bonus points were awarded for an 'operator as fuck' shooting stance. 

SPECTACLE ,TESTICLES, WALLET, WATCH Pulling back the split cuff on the LONGSHOT™ glove allows instant access the shooters clock, compass, or friendship bracelet; Clever, simple, and totally functional. And it is just one of eight reasons why the LONGSHOT glove is the ultimate operator handwear.

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