Run and Gun

Physical fitness and firearms are often two tasks trained separately, but not today. Coach Leeper’s enthusiasm and motivation are infectious, while Dan Brokos’ diligent work ethic and shooting techniques bring maximum firepower to bear.

Let the gains begin. With the training stations set, Brokos steps off for a weighted sled push, the Lead Faucet Tactical lightweight sling allowing his BG Defense SPR to stay near and dear. This is quickly followed by the first of the live ball evolutions, and a protracted D-ball carry.

Dan hauls ass to the next station for the heavy yoke carry. The wide forefoot of the PTXF Core shoe is put to work, allowing his toes to splay, providing optimum stability. The EVA midsole and lightweight rubber outsole handle the cardio and traction duties in between strength sections.

A lot of people are good shooters when the target and gun are perfectly still. Our “Run & Gun” scenario requires shooting on the move while sucking significant wind.

Viktos isn’t a typical cross-training brand, and Run & Gun isn’t your standard cross-training course. Forced entries, full combat loads, and black guns are part of the job, so they are part of our scenario.


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