At the Viktos MOUT site, the three studs will need to work the angles, provide bounding overwatch, and conduct room clearing. With such a small team and many vantage points working against them, they'll need exorcist levels of swiveling heads.

The setting is expansive and harsh, not to mention the chilly air and wintery mix. The Gunfighter™ Flannel's wool chassis with reinforced elbows and rifle-friendly stretch back provide the tactical shooter with every advantage.

With the Kruger™ jacket's gunvents open, the wearer maintains protection from the elements and access to pistols and belt loaded mags. Upper chest pockets are designed to remain accessible even when worn under a plate carrier.

Working through the three-dimensional range is a test of vigilance and communication. The area's size and exposure from vantage points are near impossible for three people to cover.

The only thing more complicated than the exterior of our compound is the interior. Little natural daylight and tight confines favor the shooter. If it were easy, everyone would do it.


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