The Box

Every day is a gunfight. This fight starts at zero dark thirty in the musty confines of the local box. Pushing weight and creating bodies built for war.

Every vet knows the military loves their acronyms, and VIKTOS crew of veterans is no different. PTXF is our acronym for Prep, Train, eXercise, Fight. We built our PTXF gear to work both inside and outside the gym, because we know real life doesn’t distinguish between on-duty and off.

Product features like zippered pockets and quick drying 4-way stretch fabric, make the Gymswym Short much more than the average gym short. Likewise, the EDC Hoodie features GunVents and Water-Resistant coating, along with a 4-way stretch chassis making it perfect for pre & post workout use.

The stable platform of the PTXF Core Shoe’s mobility bottom unit features a high volume toe box allowing for foot splay under crushing loads, while still maintaining the necessary dexterity and traction for rope climbs and cardio.

Like many things in life, it’s what you do in the dark that will eventually count in the light. With the Viktos PTXF gear you can train like you mean it.


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