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Planned in team rooms and rehearsed in glass houses, the Shoothouse drill involves three assaulters clearing a house with multiple rooms, unknown layout, and an unknown number of targets.

Urban Planning

The assaulters stack on the designated entry point, the crisp fall North Carolina air making the Chuville Hoodie and EDC Tech Fleece a welcome companion. Pie-ing the doorway, the point man reaches his diminishing return and makes entry while clearing his corner, confident his buddies are flowing in and dominating the rest of the room.

Shoot callout

The Contractor AF pant’s durable stretch cotton/spandex material and articulated chassis responds well when hugging rough plywood walls and bounding up the interior stairwells.

Urban Planning

Maneuvering past brightly lit windows to low-light hallways, the team utilizes weapon-mounted lights and flashbangs to maintain the initiative. The multi-directional treaded rubber sole of the Johnny Combat boot provides sure footing in the mock hovel.

Urban Planning


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