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Ruck Recovery Thermomoldable Insole


Ruck Recovery Thermomoldable Insole

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The Ruck Recovery Insole is a performance-enhancing orthotic designed to fit into any footwear. It utilizes the same thermoformable foam found in our Ruck Recovery sandal allowing for a customized fit. It also incorporates a high-rebound foam heel insert and molded TPU arch support. 

Forming Instructions // Remove the old insole from your footwear. Place old insole over the top of the Ruck thermomoldable insole and trim excess forefoot material from the Ruck insole. Insert the trimmed Ruck insole back into footwear and confirm it fits correctly. Remove the trimmed Ruck insole from your footwear. Preheat oven to 215° F / 100° C. Place insole in the oven for 120 seconds, use a timer. Remove from oven, insert insole into footwear, and put footwear on. Bear weight evenly on the warm insoles for 90 seconds or until cooled (no walking). Once the insoles have cooled, they will maintain their custom shape.

-Sculpted footbed geometry
-Thermoformable EVA footbed for custom support 
-High-rebound EVA heel insert increases energy return
-Molded TPU arch support structure
-U.S. veteran designed & developed
-1-year workmanship & materials warranty

Recommended Sizing

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See our size guide to help you select an initial fit, then reference the above RECOMMENDED SIZING bar graph to fine-tune your size selection. This graph is based on sizing reviews from previous customers. If the bar graph indicates FITS LARGE, order one full size smaller than usual for an accurate fit. If the bar graph shows FITS SMALL, then order one full size larger. If the bar graph is in-between steps, then order based on personal fit preference.

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